I believe in a gentle, nourishing approach to healthy, beautiful skin.


Various massage techniques of the face, neck and chest are extensively utilized to move lymph fluid, release fascia adhesions, increase hydration and circulation, tone and relax muscles, reduce inflammation, minimize congestion, and address underlying tension, all of which can manifest as tightness, tenderness, lines, and pigmentation.

Pure, effective oils, serums, enzymes, clays, flowers and herbs are used to support my hands-on work, enhancing the cleansing, smoothing, and brightening effects of your customized apothecary style treatment. The end result is a soft, glowing complexion and hopefully, a happy you!

In my opinion, facials should mostly feel really good. Occasionally there may be a bit of discomfort or a new sensation, but your treatment is about you and I always encourage questions and feedback about what's working for you and what isn’t.


• Custom Facial 75 minutes   115.

• Gratuities are respectfully declined

"I love how relaxed and taken care of I feel" ~ Mary

"The best I've ever experienced. Highest recommendation" - Kathleen

Lashes + Brows

I approach brows from an architectural point of view. An entry door without an awning or overhang looks incomplete. Scale, style, and harmony are critical in bringing design elements together, and this applies to brows, as well, since they balance features, frame the face, and enhance the eyes.


Facial structure and hair growth help inform your ideal brow shape. I tend to be conservative in how much hair I remove since it’s far easier to remove more than to wait for hair to grow back. My feelings are never hurt if you’d like me to make adjustments, so please don’t be shy! I favor tweezing as it's gentler on the skin and allows more control, but I'm happy to use a combination of waxing and tweezing if that's your preference. I may recommend allowing your hair to grow in for the most flattering shape to be attained, in which case I’ll show you how to fill in sparse areas with brow pencil or powder. Results can last from several weeks to many months depending on how quickly your hair grows and whether or not you tweeze regrowth at home.


Gentle vegetable tints define lashes and brows, allowing you to skip eye makeup and gain a little extra free time in the morning. You can wash your face, swim, and wear contact lenses as usual; hair color can be deepened or gray covered. Most visible for those with light to medium hair and medium to long lashes, color lasts approximately three to six weeks. Repeat often or simply come in before a trip or special occasion.


• Brow Shaping   30.

• Brow Color   20.

• Lash Color   30.

• Lash + Brow Trio   70.

• Gratuities are respectfully declined


I try to make waxing as quick and comfortable as possible. Please allow three weeks growth prior to your appointment, and keep in mind that pregnancy, menstruation, alcohol and caffeine tend to increase skin sensitivity. For your protection, waxing is not performed if Accutane or antibiotics have been used within six months, and shouldn’t be performed if you’re utilizing hydroxy acids, topical vitamin A, chemical peels or acne treatments. All of the above can thin the skin and cause it to lift – painful and not pretty. Please avoid sun, hot water, and strong products post waxing to avoid skin irritation.


• Lip   15.

• Chin   20.

• Cheeks   20.

• Underarm   20.

• Gratuities are respectfully declined

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